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Download PC Game Road Rash (1996)

Road Rash , the final title in the violent racing/combat series, plays about like its pair of popular predecessors, but players can now collect up to seven weapons (including a cattle prod and mace) at once. Despite this upgrade, it's now harder to hit other bikers, and there are still just five courses. Still, minor setbacks notwithstanding, this is a fine game. The drivers look more realistic than ever (you can even see the wrinkles on their clothing), the two-player split-screen mode (carried over from Road Rash 2) has a smoother frame rate, and the police now come in three types of vehicles: motorcycles, cars, and helicopters.


CPU Type: Pentium
CPU Speed in MHz: 75MHz
Hard Drive Space: 25MB
Sound Card: DirectX compatibleCD Drive Speed: 2X
Video Card: DirectX compatibleVideo
RAM in MB: 1MBGraphics
Type: SVGA

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How to install

1. Extrack
2. Open folder crack
3. Click RUNONCE.bat
4. Click ROADRASH and play

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